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Noise Abatement Procedures

Local noise abatement is extremely important to our airport. For the sake of our neighbors, please adhere to the following noise abatement procedures:

  • Turn left heading 282o on takeoff from runway 29.
  • No right turnout until over the ocean.
  • No turns below 300 feet AGL.
  • No intersection departures.
  • Aircraft are requested to maintain at least 2000 feet AGL within five miles of the airport, or anywhere along the coast.
  • Pattern altitude is 1000 feet AGL (1572 feet MSL).
  • Please limit touch-and-go operations to 3 per aircraft per day.
  • Perform run-ups for runway 11 near the end of the line of hangars rather than at the runway threshold.
  • Avoid overflying Albion Ridge, a plateau due south of the airport. In particular avoid base-leg approaches and downwind departures which would take you directly over the ridge.
  • Make left traffic for runway 29. Fly the downwind leg close to the runway.
  • Any questions, please call the airport manager at 707-937-5129 or send email to See the chart below for more information.
  • Remember that as in all operations, safety takes precedence over noise abatement or any other issue.

Click on the chart below for a larger version.

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